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Over the knee socks for fashionable looks

Over the knee socks are way more than just practical accessories. They can also perfectly show off your fashion sense. You can style your overknees in the trendiest ways possible. They also definitely have benefits when it comes to convenience. They can keep your legs warm, even in cold temperatures. You can wear thigh high socks during summer as well as in the winter. During summertime, over the knee socks are very stylish in combination to a pair of shorts or a skirt, when it is winter the thigh high socks give an extra amount of warmth for your legs, when wearing them on top of a pair of tights. In this way, the over the knee socks keep you warm and additionally give you a fashionable look. To get the socks’ maximum protection you can also wear them under a pair of jeans or pants. Furthermore, over the knee socks are very flattering for your figure. They present your legs in an elegant way and slim them optically. Especially black overknees positively form your legs. Browse through our Wolford online shop and get excited by the best quality.

How to style your over the knee socks

Over the knee socks can be worn the whole year around. In the winter they warm your legs and protect them from freezing temperatures. If you are not willing to give up on wearing a skirt or shorts in the winter, here is your solution. Wear the thigh high socks on top of another pair of thick or thin tights, and pair them with some nice boots. If you choose high boots, the overknees should be visible over the edge of the shoe. To form this look into an even more fashionable one, you can pay attention to the color scheme. Build a color gradient into your outfit. You will end up with a nice overall image and elegant interaction between your different pieces of clothing. You can also wear the thigh high socks only as a warming component in your outfit. Under a pair of jeans or different pants the over the knee socks warm your legs perfectly. Another great look during the winter is to pair the thigh high socks with an oversized hoodie or sweatshirt. The combination of the over the knee socks, a big sweatshirt and the free space between the two forms a fashionable and stylish look which is elegant at the same time. For when the temperatures are higher and this outfit is too warm for your taste, you can also style this look with a thin pair of tights, some shorts, a pair of sneakers and an oversized shirt. Another great alternative is to pair this with a nice jeans button up shirt. You can also wear the over the knee socks with cute summer dresses. For formal events you can combine the thigh high socks with a short dress or skirt and some elegant high heels or pumps. You can wear the over the knee socks the whole year around and can choose between a variety of colors and designs. The high quality materials give you the necessary comfort. Discover high quality models of over the knee socks at our Wolford online shop.

Over the knee socks in black

Classic overknees are the ones in black. Black thigh high socks as well as those in grey can be seen everywhere and are very popular. This comes from their flattering characteristics in terms of form fitting and color combination. They also are one of the most elegant of the over the knee socks. Many women would probably avoid colorful models and go straight to the black overknees. Nonetheless, if you are looking for something more exciting you can find models without color but with other visual highlights. Choose black thigh high socks with different materialistic designs that can be the highlight of your look. Browse for over the knee socks in black or different colors and designs at Wolford and style fashionable outfits.